Brass, Copper and Silver

Some of my favourite work is making bespoke gilded worktops, as you can imagine I get a lot of questions as its a unique art form to the industry.

I make most worktops to order and quote for each job separately.

For example:

Small kitchen £1000-£1500

Medium kitchen £1500-£2500

Large kitchen £2500-£4000

Kitchen island/Dining table £800-£1500

*all approximate prices, email me some dimensions for a quote.

I work closely with each customer, refining the design and sketching up the order for approval. Unfortunately I can't offer any measuring or fitting services, this can either be done yourselves or I can liaise with your project manager/fitter.



For the worktops themselves I have a local independant timber yard that cut the worktop pieces from MDF (22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm thick) based on your measurements, please bare in mind that most sheets are 244cm x 122cm however some come in 305cm x 152cm max.
I then set to work on the transformation, for which I typically need 4 weeks to work my magic (although ordering in wood sheets can sometimes delay this)
For longer pieces I can supply butterfly bolts for fixing from underneath.
Depending on the finish it can be a 7-10 layer process I created for my work, finishing with 2 coats of heat safe resin and 2 layers of a poly top coat to aid with scratch resistance (this can be gloss or matt). This does skew the water like reflection you get from the resin alone but I find it's a neccessary addition with gloss finishes (please note it is still glossy and also prone to scratches if care isnt taken) there are aftercare options however.



Other options and details to consider

Cut outs for sinks and hobs can be done when fitting or here at my end if you are able to provide the measurements. It might go without saying but care should be taken when cutting and masking off the area so tools dont scratch the surface, cutting slowly with finer toothed tools will minimise splintering.

For undermounted fixtures like a Belfast sink I will need the dimensions so I can have the hole cut before gilding so the inside edge can be finished as it'll be on show. Any cuts made should be sealed to prevent water ingress, especially around taps/sinks etc

Draining board grooves and matching upstands can also be included.

*for more details see the 'Care & Maintenance' page




A gilded Backsplash or wall panel is a great way to add a decadent pop to your kitchen. For these I still use MDF as the base material (max lengths 3050mm) in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm. The back is also resin coated to minimise moisture damage around areas like sinks.



I can apply the same process I use for my worktops to doors and drawer fronts also!
You could give your current kitchen a facelift if you'd like me to arrange for them to be collected (a long as theyre removable)
Alternatively I can source new doors to work on depending on the brand of the kitchen e.g. Ikea, Magnet etc.