Handcrafted Gilded Interiors



Here at Bland Design I handcraft a wide range of gilded interior products ranging from side tables and wall art, to kitchen worktops and backsplashes. I only work a small number of projects at a time including bespoke pieces for clients and one off pieces of my own design. I'm based in Cambridgeshire, UK and work with local independent suppliers for most my materials including timber, glass and metal work. Get in touch if you have any design ideas or questions!



Are your worktops hard to look after?

Not at all, my gilded finishes are sealed with clear resin. Heat and chemical resistant (see care and maintenance page) you can put hot saucepans down without any issues but I'd always recommend taking a little more care. Also don't chop directly onto them or use abrasive cleaners as the resin topcoat can be scuffed and scratched just like any gloss finish.

What are they made of?

The core of my tables, worktops and backsplashes are MDF. Meaning I can make Pretty much any size/shape you could need! Take a look a the worktops tab for more specifics. For some pieces I source ready made tables to create my artwork on so that I can offer a wider variety of designs.

Do you measure and fit?

Sadly It's not something I can offer right now, I myself am more of an artist/creator that provides a product rather than a service. A trained kitchen fitter would be the best option (depending on your DIY skills) unfortunately my business isnt at the stage where I can employ a fitter right now (watch this space though). For simple orders all I need is a drawing with dimensions to give to my wood guys, more complex orders may need your carpenter to cut and dry fit the MDF base which I can arrange collection of.