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Taking inspiration from the Acanthus plant and a nod to William Morris' print from 1800's, I've created 3 arrangements of my Acanthus design. Individually painting the leaves separately allowed me to cut out and rearrange them suit different spaces.

Acanthus - is the fullest of the 3 patterns with a large scale repeat, great for

                full rooms, ceilings or a feature wall.

Acanthus Column - a softer version of a vertical stipe, great for accentuating

              the height of a room when hung floor to ceiling.

Acanthus Column Mini- a quarter scale version of the above, perfect for 

              smaller spaces or for above/below a dado rail.



These foil wallpapers have a brilliant shine that really adds glamour to any room, the way it reflects light and colour is perfect for darker rooms and mood lighting in the evening whether it's a dining room for hosting parties or your living room so you don't have to put the 'big light' on.



The antique gold mica paper used for printing these has a warmer, deep glow to them rather than a reflective shine, if you're looking for something not as hight impact but still with a luxury metallic finish. 



Do you fancy a touch of colour rather than metallics? Then the gemstone colourways of my Acanthus design will do the trick. Recoloured from its foil and mica counterparts, the gemstone collection is a curated palette of desaturated tones with something to suit any interior scheme. Printed on a thick, matt paper, these 70cm wide rolls can pack a punch without feeling over the top.

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