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Faded Grandeur



Building on the 'Opulence' collection, Faded Grandeur is a repeating mural wallpaper printed on the same silver foil base but now with a soft patina to the metallic finish. Many of my artwork commissions involve hand painting aged effects like patinated metal and verdigris to achieve a more lived in looking, moody atmosphere.


Produced by photographing my hand painted effects and digitally arranging to create this large scale mural, with state of the art white ink printing to underflood the aged areas making them more opaque. As you move around the space, the light will catch differently and give a different reflection throughout the day.

Separated as a 4 drops at 250cm x 85cm, each roll will cover 250cm H x 340cm W, and repeats end to end. If you have a taller space we can rescale this design upon request as all papers are printed to order.


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