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Bespoke Hand Painted Murals

UK and International Commissions

A hand painted mural is a special way to put your stamp on a space (residential or commercial).

I work with a wide range of styles from botanicals and animals, to more abstract pieces... I'm always up for a challenge!

Pricing depends on the complexity of the design and the size starting from £500 per linear meter with standard ceiling height. I often include my signature gilding into my work (copper, silver and gold) 

Send me an email with the design idea/theme, your location, and the size of the area (photos are great) and I can provide an estimate. Following that I take a 25% deposit to work on a few design sketches to develop the idea, and final draft of the piece. Once the design is signed offa further 50% of the invoice is due prior to starting work on site, and the remaining 25% upon completion.


Thanks for submitting!

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