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BBC1 Interior Design Masters 2023 Final

So here we are again! Myself and Buck & Bear had the absolute pleasure of working with the incredibly talented Jack Kinsey for the final of BBC1 Interior Design Masters.

We headed down to Brighton last year to work with Jack on his pub project at 'The Earth & Stars', it was a whirlwind three days! Carlie and myself added our gold leaf glamour to the interior to bring Jacks vision to life.

Jack is an amazing creative talent and was so much fun to work with! We loved gilding the earth on the ceiling by the entrance, which leads you through to the bar area where Jack added an extension to the bar; we gilded the new this and the facia boards that were part of the upholstered velvet bar area.

Throughout both the upstairs and downstairs there are gold leaf gilded table tops which sit perfectly with the chairs covered in fabric by Emma Shipley.

When you head upstairs you are greeted with a golden staircase, a gold leaf ceiling, and a twinkle of golden stars along the walls up the stairway. Inspired by the pubs name 'The Earth & Stars'

This opens up into the gorgeous 'star lounge' upstairs, where you'll find a celestial themed ceiling with gold stars, sun, moon, and we even added the longitude and Lattitude of the pub.

Here you'll also find some hand painted wall artwork by Buck & Bear and myself, featuring the two zodiac signs, Cancer and Pisces. All tying into Jacks celestial/zodiac theme.

To celebrate the release of the Interior Design Masters final, we have created our own set of zodiac prints, which feature gorgeous hand sketches and gold foiling. These tarot style printed cards are A5 in size, have rounded corners and have each star signs constellation and symbol on.

There are a limited amount of these prints, 25 of each, they can be displayed in a clear floating frame, or mounted in an A4 frame.

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